The Bath Invader 100 Word Challange 18th Feb 201322-03-2013 | 11:29:54 | 1 Comment


My big, fat, old, orange cat, Marmalade, is the laziest cat in the world! He moves for nothing except food. One morning I went to clean my teeth and Marmalade was sitting in the bath. Mum was downstairs, calling him for breakfast, but Marmalade would not budge. It was very mysterious. Normally he would not be separated from his food bowl for anything. When I came home from school Marmalade was still staring at the plug hole! “That cat’s mad”, said Dad. Then we heard a squeak and saw some long whiskers poking out of the plug hole. Mystery solved!

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  1. William

    I absolutely loved reading this 100 word challenge as I can imagine my cat doing exactly the same thing! I think the last short sentence really makes this piece of writing!

    Keep up your great effort!

    Mrs Darling

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