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Stephanie Merr’s mother and father had died and she was living in a elegant mansion with her repulsive aunt who locked her away in her minute room so she couldn’t pry.One gusty day the door swung open, Stephanie took her chance and ran for it. A couple minutes later she found herself in a vast ballroom , at the end of the ballroom was a grand piano and sitting on the stall of the magical piano was a girl playing a sweat melody to herself. The notes from the piano faded away as she noticed Stephanie looking at her from behind……………………………………..

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  1. You have created a very suspenseful opening, using adjectives very effectively to set the scene and hook your readers. I really want to know more, is it going to be the start of a ghost story or a mystery or thriller?

  2. Sophie, I absolutely love this 100 word challenge! You have created such suspense and I really want to read on. You have carefully chosen your description to set the scene and left it at a point that could lead into a chapter story (if you wanted to!)…

    Keep up your great writing.

    Mrs Darling

  3. What an amazing 100wc and your first one as well!

    I wonder if this is going to be the start of a new friend-ship or the beggning of a ghost story?

    Well done Sophie you should be so proud of yourself!


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