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then frost fell on the corrigited iron green caravan.the frost was so heavy it was sinking in the running lake.”why is it so cold?”,asked Nicole “well the angle of the wind and the…” “be quiet!”,butted in Nicole again waiting for the weather report.”bubble,bubble,”screamed the kettle,although Stephanie(her sister)was coping every move of the toster when she heard it pop! Finally weather report switched on . And it wasn`t good.all of a sudden they both got hit in the head by Taylor lautner and he lived happily ever after in there caravan.but know one knows were the girls are even there lovely family!

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  1. ECPIC Rebecca you mention Taylor lantern I wonder what Gemma might do because she is a big fan!!!

  2. EPIC: rebecca you mention taylor launten i wonder what gemma might pu!!!

  3. Love this you done it on T.L 🙂

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