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The frosty grass crunched below her feet, it glowed as the sun shone from up above. She was walking in the fields behind her house, thinking about life as it was for her and her mother. Suddenly two tabby cats when racing past her rubbing their scent into her tatty jeans. She started to laugh watching the two cat pounce on each others backs. Suddenly as she was making her way back to the cottage a man dressed in shabby rags jumped out of the holly bush by the fence. A silver key dropped from his pocket as he ran.

2 Responses to “100 word challenge by Sophie”

  1. Sophie, all I can say is you are going to be an author when you grow up! This is a brilliant piece of writing that kept me wanting to read on from the first few words and that is what makes a good book. I wish that you could continue this story as I want to know what the key is for!


    Mrs Darling

  2. Wow! Great writing Sophie!! It kept me hooked too 🙂 well done!

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