100 word challenge #14 Gemma11-01-2013 | 20:02:32 | 3 Comments


It was a new start for us all thought Bella as she was walking through the Forest. Snap! Went a twig from behind .She turned round to find … a blur which looked like a teenager boy.It moved faster then lightning. ” Hello!” shouted Bella. “What are you doing here?” called a threatening voice. “I’m doing a experiment.” Bella replied. She couldn’t see were this boy was. There was the blur again! Bella turned round to find a Vampire with his fangs ready to bite “No!” shouted a teenager boy .He jumped onto the Vampire and turns into a wolf, ripped his head off then set him on fire!


3 Responses to “100 word challenge #14 Gemma”

  1. good good very gory

  2. Fantastic build up to a quite interesting ending!

  3. I think this is from a certain Twilight!

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