100 Word Challenge #14 by Ben11-01-2013 | 20:05:23 | 3 Comments


It was a new start for us all as we sprang onto the space rocket. We launched into humid, muggy air and all us children strapped ourselves into the moth- eaten beds. After what seemed ages the vibrating rockets engines stopped. The children stepped onto the rough, rocky surface of the moon. They were here to excavate cheese but as they started to dig they only found; glossy, brown chocolate.the amount stacked up to a long bar. Just as we were carrying it back to the rocket it wasn’t there! But we were surfboarding on chocolate!!! We were on our way back to EARTH!!


3 Responses to “100 Word Challenge #14 by Ben”

  1. Excellent description here Ben! Very strange ending though.

  2. Hello Ben,
    What a great start to 2013, this is a wonderful entry for the 100 WC. I am very impressed with the vocabulary chosen and the range of sentence openers, it really keeps the reader’s interest. I like the idea that the moon is made of chocolate, maybe it has a creamy inside…yum!
    I would have liked a little more explanation about how you ended up surfing on chocolate but you should be very pleased with this effort. Keep up the good work.

  3. I really like your openers too Ben! It makes your writing really interesting to read 🙂

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