Pancake Day By Lucas22-03-2013 | 11:12:21 | No Comments


Dominic trudged into the dinning room awaiting tea. His mum , Madeline , casually gossiped ” why are you upset ? ” Dominic groaned ” Because I’m bored ” the Butler brought in spaghetti with caramelised onion , kale Gorgonzola was also provided. Dominic shudder at the sight of this horrible healthy food , he (Dominic) poked his unappealing food with his folk. Suddenly to break the eerie silence Madeline enquired ” pancakes for pudding Dominic ! ” Dominic shrieked in happiness. He knew his mum knew that he adored pancakes ! After the dessert Dominic felt as stuffed as a stuffed teddy. It was after all pancake day. He loved his mum.

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