100 word challenge #14 Travis11-01-2013 | 19:57:55 | 2 Comments


It was a new start for us all when one day I went to buy a new PS3 then as soon as I got home me Bart,Marge,Lisa and Maggy were playing black opps two on are awesome sparkly brand spankin new PS3.While we were playing all five of us felt a little tingle running quickly up our spines then in a blinck of an eye we were in the game it did not take long for us to realise it either.Then I said “dough how do we get out of this game”then we competed the entire game.


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  1. Well my brother just got a XBOX with black ops 2 and he never comes off and is always playing zombies

  2. I really like the idea of being inside a game! Well done Trav

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