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It was a new start for us all. “Hey Homer you’re fired!” “What why Mr Burns?” Because all you do is eat doughnuts and drink coffee, you fat oaf!” “Doh” “Hi Marge” “ Hi Homer how was you’re day at the power plant?” “I got fired” “What why did you get fired?” Because Mr Burns said all I do is eat doughnuts and drink coffee you fat oaf” “ Har har Homer is a fat oaf!!” “ Why you little!!” “ agh, agh” “ Homer stop that this instant!” “ Ok Marge.” “Marge what’s for dinner?” You’re Faviroute Pork Chops.” “ MMM MMM Thank you marge you’re best lets eat now.


7 Responses to “100 Word Challenge #14 by William”

  1. Very good use of punctuation William!

  2. I agree with Mr Power – great punctuation and capital letters.
    Personally, I like stories with a little more description and less speech – I like the writer to paint a picture in my head with words.
    But I do like The Simpsons – well done!

    Team 100wc

  3. well done William just remember new speaker new line and try and put in some narrative:)

  4. Some good ideas William! I like the Simpsons too… (And great comment Grace!)

  5. Yes I agree with you grace I will now put new speaker new line in my literacy storys.

  6. I agree with you grace I’ll put that in my storys!!

  7. Ok. I will Grace.

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