100 Word Challenge #14 by Jonathan15-01-2013 | 09:02:02 | 3 Comments


When it rained chocolate

It was a new start for us all in our new home, the first night we were in our new home it began to rain chocolate however it was not just any chocolate it was Galaxy chocolate.

As Ben awoke from his cosy sleep he looked out of the window and in amazement there was chocolate on the porch.  He went outside licked it, by lunch time he was obese, that’s bad considering he was as skinny as a stick that morning. Ben: went to school and everyone was fat like proper fat. Out of nowhere all the kids suddenly sat down and then exploded.

3 Responses to “100 Word Challenge #14 by Jonathan”

  1. Well done Jon I like the idea of raining chocolate.

  2. While i was reading this i was laughing my head of! good work

  3. I like the idea of chocolate too Jon! But I prefer dairy milk… I don’t really like Galaxy.
    Good ideas 🙂

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