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As we jumped out of the old rusty dented window a black hole opened. We plunged into the deep darkness .At the bottom there was a pink light as we got closer we sore grass. Just then a colossal hand shot out of the black hole and grabbed us and launched us at the pink ground. We thought we had shattered every bone in are puny body. Out of the blue came a golden bull charging at us like a plane at top speed. All but one dodged the bull. It was a new start for all of us and our, probably, weeping parents but we didn’t care.


4 Responses to “100 Word Challenge #14 by Jack”

  1. Fantastic story Jack, really creative!!

  2. Dear Jack,

    You have used excellent vocabulary and you have made it into a very different kind of story.

    Well done.

    Mr. Foster – Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

  3. Jack, I really enjoyed reading this and it has filled me lots of questions. What was the old rusty dented window part of? Why were they jumping out of it? Whose was the colossal hand? You have used some great vocabulary and really made the reader want to find out more…

    I can’t wait to see more of your writing 🙂

    Mrs Darling

  4. Great vocabulary Jack 🙂

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