100 Word Challange By William 15/5/1309-10-2013 | 11:21:27 | No Comments


It’s such a lovely day said John. But suddenly a gigantic wasp stung me. I had to go to hospital but they couldn’t work out why I was swelling up. But then they found out that I had a allergic reaction. Then suddenly the pain in my arm had gone! I told the nurses and doctors and they were fascinated in how quick it had gone. So they let me go home and told me to rest the arm for a couple of days. So I went home and relaxed. Then in a few days the pain had gone finally.

space poem by Jacob09-10-2013 | 11:20:23 | No Comments


As i look up I can see an incredible world full of mystery, planets here left and right I wonder if it will ever be light, but till now all we know is that it is all above our little toes, round and round the sun we go, will we ever go slow? Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars all have nearby stars.

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One dark night lived a doctor named Dr Digby. He also had a pet turtle.was funny until it got hit by a orange. Meanwhile, he ant to work at approximately 11 at night. But then, a terrible bumpy storm
cam along and smashed the hospital apart. Parts of the pavement were flying everywhere. This one man waved all over the place shouting.”Hey this man he….he is not waking up,but his pulse is beating really fast.” Exclaimed the man.
“Don’t worry he is just sleeping.”Replied Digby. “Don’t worry i’m a professional doctor at Guys hospital.”

by ben13-05-2013 | 22:29:56 | 1 Comment


It was a beutiful day all to myself. After I had bought my german breads I considered what to do next. The day before I had gone to the local tourist and had picked up a few leaflets. having skimmed through them I seleckted my favourites and in the end I thought I would go the ” Unterhofnen wasserfalls”, a bunch of enourmous waterfalls. So I set off. When i got there I could hear the crashing of thousands of tons of water raining down on to a well worn river. Next all i knew was the pain in my arm was horriefying.

by travis13-05-2013 | 22:29:31 | 3 Comments


As I came to I was aware of people standing around me,suddenly the pain in my arm made me remember that I had been playing a game of football and after a dirty tackle had caused me to land on my arm awkwardly.The paramedics rushed on to the pitch carrying beside them a full sized stretcher,also a first aid bag and a bottle of water.I was carried off the pitch and rushed to hospital in an ambulance,once we arrived the doctors took a look at my arm and explained that my arm was broken but it would heal extremely quickley.

Matthew 100 word30-04-2013 | 08:54:00 | No Comments


5 4 3 2 1 and blast off! The rocket was quickly lifting of the ground,”what a take off said the exited space driver”. He went to the moon and landed there. “One small step for man one giant leap for man kind ” He aimlessly stuck the flag into the moon. Then he found a smooth semi circle rock, he sat on the rock and started eating his lunch. Every time he looked at his lunch one thing was gone , he thought it was either the low gravity or it might have been something else. “I’m definitely not alone”.

the fist ever man on the moon30-04-2013 | 08:53:23 | No Comments


As I lifted off, my nerves got the better of me and I started to plead “STOP!” but Huston wouldn’t let me so I went of screaming. By the time I had stopped screaming I was in space. Although I felt like I should be in asleep although was I not. The next thing I knew I had landed on the moon and it was much more tarnished than I thought. As the first man to ever land on the moon I felt very proud of myself then suddenly I sore something coming straight for me! It was navy blue.

100 word challange 22/4/13 By William30-04-2013 | 08:53:14 | No Comments


My name is Plankton and I love space. I know I am going to build a rocket right now I just need a few pecies of metal now I am done. I can’t wait to get in my rocket. Next stop to the moon! Now this is going to be my first step on the moon! WOW a real life alien and it is blue. It’s talking to me saying “I come in peace”. Then I went home in by my space rocket now. I got home I was just in time for dinner. I told my mum. Night night.

100 word challenge by Aman30-04-2013 | 08:53:05 | No Comments


One day there was a boy called Michael. Michael loved space he always wanted to go to the moon, he would dream about the moon. But today he was tingling with excitement because today he was going to the moon his mum was so proud. Michael packed himself some lunch. Then went to the rocket. As he approached the rocket he started to tingle with even more excitement he shouted goodbye to his mum. 5 minutes later he was on the moon but he wasn’t alone. Suddenly Michael saw an alien. They were friends and had lunch together. The end.

100 word challenge by Rebecca30-04-2013 | 08:52:34 | No Comments


once apon a time the green shoots could be seen over the mystical horrison as the school kids finished there vast hike while eating there lunch.”this is !BORING!”exclaimed Anne and Harriet .”i wish we can do something exiting and non-sporty”,agreed the others.suddenly as the teacher turned around all of the children went silent.the teacher was suspicious.just as Harriet was about to make a funny face the strict teacher shouted” two minutes for you when we get back!”, Anne was ashamed of Harriet because of watch she had done. Anne teached Harriet to be nice after all she was a trouble maker.

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